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The traditional hardware store of Dunsmuir - California's historic railroad town. Founded by Dunsmuir's first mayor - Alexander Levy - in 1894 and continuing today as a full service TRUE VALUE hardware store. This blog is simply intended to be a running commentary on operating a century old small town hardware store. Also please check our our website at

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Monday, January 03, 2011


Here's a story that is worthy of being added to the list of all-time hardware store frustrations.
On New Year Eve a big-rig truck crashed on Interstate 5 passing through Dunsmuir. Reports say that the driver was going 60 to 65 miles per hour on an icy road while it was snowing. (Insane) As he crossed the bridge in the center of town known locally as the "800 foot bridge" - he lost it in a big way. The truck crashed into the guard rail and in true Hollywood fashion dangled off the bridge for a while until it finally crashed into the park below the bridge. Fortunately the driver only suffered a broken leg - could have been killed.
Now is when the humor enters the picture. The truck was fully loaded with super high quality triple layer quilted TOILET PAPER. A mountain of toilet paper spilled out the the truck to the park below and as word spread throughout the town folks started to arrive and cart the stuff away. After all, they couldn't just let it lay there and soak up the snow! Seems that there was so much of the valuable cargo just laying there that the town has been flooded with it. We're hearing stories of people with so much of it that they're giving it away to friends and neighbors and strangers. One of our residents told us of going to get in his car and found a case of high quality triple layer quilted toilet paper in the passenger seat.
Now here's the punch line. Guess what Dunsmuir Hardware is featuring in a "Bargain of the Month" sale for January. You guessed it. Look at the ad. TOILET PAPER.